The Misfit company

All the worlds a stage
The one where the tard fairies really cause havoc

After recovering from the Numeral Uno Tower, we continue making our way along the mapped path to find the Master.  In the distance we hear what we think is Wesley chiming about something.  When we get closer, we see that our hearing needs checking.  What we see is a middling aged woman, scolding her goat in the middle of the road.   Her cries of anguish remind us of the cries poor Wesley makes when he gets attacked.

The thick tree cover tricked our ears and our eyes.  We turn back toward each other, we find our selves in the opulent foyer on a baroque theater.  We all show confusion and start taking look around, we can see that in the near past this was a very beautiful place, but needs some TLC.  We hear hooves in the distance and see a satyr walking quickly towards us.  I wonder if the old woman has tricked us.

He approaches and thanks us for finally arriving and says that the hero is finally here so the story can begin.   Connor Seanery abides the satyr, saying he is ready for the performance and volunteers his services.  Monocle looks at him, and thinks “Goats?”

The satyr claps twice and Connor vanishes.  

Satyr says that the show can benefit from some “flare”.  He suggests that we improvise any flourishes to enhance the performance.   He then goes onto warn us that if we wish to join Connor on stage, we must stay until the end of the act.  I quote, "If we step onstage, the bard will take us.  We must not step off the stage until the end of the act."

Then the satyr points at Monocle and claps twice again and then she disappears also.

Eirwen and Lux are left looking at the stairs where the audience members are taking their seats. Lux climbs the stairs to see the stage and is still trying to make sense of what is happening.  Erin goes to the balcony and Lux approaches the apron of the stage.


Connor and Monocle look around to see peasants and merchants in a walled courtyard,  The noise banging on the gate makes the villagers flee.  It sounds like a heavy battering ram is being used on the gate and the fear of the crowd is palpable. Monocle tries to convince Connor that commanding the audience from the height of a tower would be agood idea.  Connor runs to the nearest tower and Monocle follows.


As the curtain rises, Eirwen and Lux see some goblin like creatures run onstage propping up cutouts of burly humanoid figures.   They watch curiously as Connor steps up on some flimsy wooden sets of what is supposed to be a castle gate and tower. Lux calls down divine blessings as a spotlight turns on, shining on Connor and Monocle.


Connor and Monocle feel blessed with divine inspiration as a thundering rending sound is heard when the gates are torn asunder. The twanging of bows are mixed with the yelling of the defenses as the archers shoot the initial invaders.


Eirwen and Lux see a small goblin run up to the “front” invader cutout and push it over and thru the gate.  Eirwen and Lux are perplexed at the seriousness that Connor and Monocle show for this haphazard "play" that is being performed.


Connor races to the top of the tower and sees the invaders carrying spears and bows.  He decides to call out to Monocle to say, “the big guy is mine!”   Connor feels like he recognizes the weapon of the leader as his fathers lance.  He climbs out to onto the wall, taking cover from the invaders.  


Lux smirks to himself, thinking this is jolly good theatre.  He can be heard muttering “Bravo” under his breath.  The gremlins run onstage, moving the cutouts closer to Monocle.  Lux sends a fireball towards the gremlins and cutouts near Monocle, burning the wooden cutouts.

The ushers are not amused and come down to the apron of the stage, grab Lux by the scruff of his neck and toss him onstage in a heap.


Monocle hears the invaders clank up in black armor and turns to the door of the tower when a roar of flames draws her attention back to the invaders.  Monocle sees a fireball come sailing down from the keep wall to smash among them invaders.  The invaders seem undeterred and she can see anger flaring in their eyes. Monocle calls upon the power of nature to cause her image to blur to the world and dashes into the tower after Connor.   Connor jumps down onto one of the invaders, snapping the mans neck where it is weakest.   He slashes out, taking down two other invaders, and stabs the leader before rushing to climb the crates in the middle of the courtyard.

The leader turns, climbs the crates and attacks Connor, saying “I should have finished you off as a whelp, a mistake I will shortly remedy.”  He brandishes the lance menacingly, but the crates begin to buckle under his weight and he misses. 

Monocle hears the twang of two crossbows shooting off in the distance, informing her that the battle is larger than she expected. She thinks she recognizes Lux, wondering where he came from.  She also hears another bow behind her, and the invader takes the arrow and collapses at her feet. Lux show himself for a moment and ducks back behind the wagon.

Monocle casts a flaming sphere between the two ranged invaders and heads back downstairs to the entrance of the tower.


Eirwen watches with amused amazement as the gremlin stagehands rush about setting the cutout figures in various locations.  As she looks backstage, she sees the bric-a-brac of back stage props and set pieces.  She see gremlins playing cards, while the satyr is directing other gremlins to tasks of moving and setting cutouts and set pieces.

Eirwen sees costumes, props, and two little gremlins wearing costumes, one has a cloak and is carrying a broom, and the other wearing a mop head as a wig and oversized dolls dress.    Eirwen dons a lion costume, and jumps onstage.


Monocle and Lux are amazed to see a manticore fly in and land by the two remaining archers, attacking them, killing one and dropping the other to his knees before the tail spike skewers his face.

Connor slashes with vehemence at the giant brute standing before him.  He laughs uproariously and flips over the brute to land behind him and attack again.  The brute throws down his shield and double hands the lance to attack Connor wildly.  Connor staggers under the blows, feeling the betrayal of the family blade as it bites into his flesh.

Lux whistles a oddly familiar tune.

Monocle runs the flaming sphere into the brute, and advances on him.

The manticore bites and claws the brute who collapses and utters his dying breath, “You’re already too late.”.

We all turn to hear the maniacal laughter of a old figure who is flying away with what is no other than the princess under his arm, and he exclaims that we fell into his trap perfectly.  As we look at him vanishing into the distance, we feel the rush of a large curtain closing behind us and the muffled applause from behind the curtain as Act 1 ends.


The satyr ushers us offstage, commending our performance.  He asks us to liven it up a bit.  We watch the gremlins setting the stage for act 2.   We see buckets of water in a line, and some twine laying on the buckets.   We see the mop head that the gremlin wore.  Monocle casts locate object on the robe of the mage.  We hang around waiting for the show to resume.  


The curtain rises as the audience hushes.  

From onstage, the scene revealed is a river beside a tower of the wizard.  Connor rides a manticore and is talking with a red shirted squire riding a horse beside him.  As they speak, s shimmering forcefield appears between the hero and tower


Two goblins are holding a streamer between them, waving it to make it appear like it is shimmering.  Monocle calls the gusting wind of nature to knock one of the gremlins nearly offstage, causing him to drop the streamer.  


Connor sees that the magical barrier has fallen and advances toward the tower.

The manticore drops Connor off on the ground, and flys up to the tower window, seeing twelve identical crystal spheres.  This is the study of the wizard, crammed with books and other stuff.

Connor tosses the lance to his squire, draws his swords, advances on the door and kicks it open. 

The room is empty.


The audience chuckles as the hero makes a grand entrance into an empty room while a sorrowful trombone echoes in the distance.   

Lux paces back and forth watching Eirwen in the lion costume, waiting for a moment to cast guidance on her. 


The manticore notices that two of the spheres are dustier than the others.


Monocle casts daylight on the shooter sphere and Eirwen grabs it just as Connor walks into the room. 


Connor searches the room also and finds a key and leaps onto the back of the manticore.  She glares at him, but carries him safely back to the ground and his squire.

Maniacal laughter fills the air as Wilhelm the squire screams and falls from the tower window.

As Connor peers into the palantir, he sees the princess in a cage and a giant silver claw falls before the lights go out and the curtain falls.  Act 2 is done.


The satyr returns and praising our dramatic influences obviously excited by our involvement. Lux and Monocle exchange knowing glances.  We see the gremlins clear the stage and bring a washtub of water on stage.  One of the gremlins dons the dinosaur costume and climbs into the tub and hunkers down. The mop headed gremlin holds the crossed sticks in front of himself just upstage of the washtub.  

The curtain rises to show the gray painted walls of what must represent a cave.  On walks Connor.  He looks to have an appearance similar to the Wizard.

Lux and Monocle hatch a plan to push the cutouts onto the stage to have a army of red shirts. We take some half dozen cutouts and puts red shirts on them and carry them over stage left.


Connor sees the entrance to a huge cave.  Connor removes the visage of the Wizard and heads into the cave.  


Lux decides to enter the play, and advances into the cave, instructing 3 of the scouts to follow Connor, and 3 to follow him.


Connor rings the doorbell by placing the lance into the water.  A silvery dragon rises out of the water, intimating his presence onto the room.  A roar is heard throughout the cave.


Monocle watches the gremlin sitting in the wash tub stand up, the water dripping off his dinosaur costume.  He “roars” and Monocle giggles under her breath and casts fairie fire on the gremlin. Monocle crosses backstage and sees one of the gremlins is about to go onstage with a bag of flour.  She slides her staff in front, tripping the gremlin who spills his flour on the edge of the stage.


The red shirts shoot arrows at the dragon and miss. 


Lux uses the divine inspiration to guide a bolt of radiant damage towards the dragon.


Connor throws off his cloak, striking a pose and yells out “You overgrown hunch-backed toad!”.


The dragon flies across stage, landing in front of the red shirts.


Monocle sees the dinosaur costumed gremlin run across the stage, and stand in front of the cutouts.  Monocle convinces one of the gremlins to trade a goodberry for the orange he was swinging about.  Monocle eats the orange.  Sadly another gremlin was tossing around a bag of tacks and rushes onstage.


The dragon swings his tail about, spikes flying out and piercing 2 of the red shirts.


The remaining red shirts shoots arrows again, making the dragon bleed a little bit.


Lux causes much mayhem and distress for the dragon.


Connor swims out to the cage that contains the princess.


The dragon rushes two of the red shirts, who shit themselves to death.  


Monocle trips the thumbtack gremlin just as he comes offstage, forcing him to spill the remaining thumbtacks offstage.


The red shirts attack a third time, and as the try to run past, one gets eaten by the dragon.


A gremlin runs onstage throwing bag of flour next to Lux, causing a fog cloud.


Lux causes the dragon another bout of radiant damage.


Connor rummages around his pouch for the key he deftly stole from the tower, opening the cage and removing the princess.


The dragon rushes past Lux, who reaches out and smacks the dragon as he saunters by.


Monocle sees a gremlin run onstage with an electric eel and dips it in the wash tub.  As the gremlin runs offstage, Monocle burst the bag with the eel inside and kills the eel just as another gremlin runs onstage and pours more water into the washtub.


The dragon raises the water level in the cave.


Lux casts scorching ray on the dragon without his targeting computer and is covered in the viscera of dragon guts and gore.


Connor walks up to the gremlin and slices him in two and the curtain drops.

End of Act 3.


We find ourselves outside the baroque theatre with the goat composed and collected.  He speaks with calm gratitude “Thank you for your performance.”  He hands us a penny whistle and says, if you needs us, call us with this whistle.


Magic Items:

  • Palantir – can be used as a seeing stone once per day.
  • Lance +1
  • Penny Whistle – summon the acting company once per day.

Exp: unknown at posting

A simple series of unfortunate events
Adventure by numbers

As we travel the long path towards the mountain, the magic seems to be stronger and suddenly we see a tower along the path.  It's a stout 5 story tower that's literally only 10 feet wide. THe only striking feature are the windows on the cardinal points of the compass. Many of the windows have chains hanging between the window above or below.

Sitting outside is a half orc. He appears as stumped as we are about the tower.  Who lived here?  Why was it abandoned?  What's up with the chains?  The tower looks like it's been abandoned for a long time, but there are fresh tracks running into the door and down towards the river that is seen in the distance.

Monocle and Eirwen exchange greetings with Cobash, the half orc, and he tells us the story of how he ended up here.  Cobash says that he heard a tale about some treasure that was being looted from an abandoned mages tower.  He decided to go exploring himself to see what he can see, but the tracks he followed to the tower are not just humanoid tracks.  There are also giant tracks mixed in with the humanoid footprints.

We agree to help Cobash for a portion of the loot and enter the tower.

The first room has 5 cages hanging from the ceiling and lots of refuse strewn about.  The cages contains the mouldering remains of what looks like an adventuring party.  There is also a large numeral 1 carved into the floor. 

As we explore the room, a flickering orb of softly glowing light appears and follows us around.  We head ot of the room and deeper into the tower.  It becomes immediately apparent that the insides of the tower are much larger than the outsides. As we enter the next room, a second orb appears and there is a large numeral 2 on the floor.  We continue to explore, and see a long hallway with many rooms and passages leading away.  We look into each room and can see the rooms all have numerals carved into the floor.

We've determined that there is some quest that requires a collection of the orbs being gathered in sequential order.  What happens after that, we're not sure so we trundle on.

We come across a room with a giant, who immediately attacks us.  We fight valiantly until Monocle goes down, and then we scamper and run, forcing to enter rooms out of sequential order.  Once we do that, the orbs all vanish.

We also realize that the halls loop back on themselves, and unless we pay very close attention, we will not be able to get back out of the tower.  It seems magically boobytrapped.

We race back to the entrance, get an orb and quickly retrace our steps to get thru the maze of rooms as fast as possible.  We end up on the top of the tower, where there is a bell, book, and candle on top of an altar. 

One of the apparitions we saw in room 13 told us of a ritual that we need to do when we've collected all the orbs.  On the top of the tower, we begin the ritual and right as we start, the river rises up some appendages and demands we release the magic to it.  We are offered wishes and while we are deliberating on what to do, a huge water elemental appears, and demands we release the magic. Not knowing if this is the lesser evil, we agree to let the elemental take what he wants, and he finally does so with a momentous splash.

Soaking wet, we climb back thru the rooms to get to room 1, where we can finally outside.

We make it outside and reunite with the party.  Cobash decides to go find some bunnies to play with.

Exp. 1500

A visit to a temple leads us into temptation
What's dead and buried should be left alone

Note: This is a log of 9/3 & 9/4

As we left last our band of merry adventurers,  they had killed off a few undead that were conspiring to plot how to plan a takeover of the world of the living.  We decide that before we head off to follow the map to the mountain, we will explore the temple.

We venture in and find the temple in a similar state as to how the house/orphanage was; in good repair, but unoccupied.  As we search the temple, we climb up to the altar and see a crowd of parishioners of ghostly design.  They appear only when viewed from the altar, and appear to be vestiges of long lost souls.  A search discovers a trigger mechanism upon the altar that reveals a book of magical processes of necromantic origin.  As we delve further into the temple, we discover more books, but we can only guess as to the true purpose of the temple.  The book is driven by some sort of unnatural blood rite, when the pages are dripped with blood, they reveal hidden text.

We surmise that we would need the blood contained in the veins of 4 stalwart warriors to reveal all the hidden text within the book.  We take the book with us, knowing that if it fell into the wrong hands, it could be used for eveil intent.

We move out to the lichyard and examine the crypts, only to find another invitation in the crypt of some high born women.  The invitation is identical to the one we discovered on the corpse of the wraith. 

In the largest crypt, we discover a staircase leading down into a set of catacombs that appear to be magically enhanced to thwart tomb robbers. We decide to rest before we begin fully exploring the catacombs.

We explore a little of the catacombs, only to discover that they seem to change every few minutes.  Where there was once a corridor, there is now a blank wall, and vice versa. We become somewhat confused and get turned around, and run into a number of undead, all while Connor Seanary complains that we are robbing the tombs, and we should be moving on to fight the brigands or something like that.  It's possible he's just afraid of the dark.

Throughout the remaining part of the adventure, we discover a few magic items, a few scrolls, some gems and gold, and a friendly spirit that guides us to rob his tomb, tells us the he also got an invitation to some undead meetup, and that we shouldn't dally any longer, but should get to the mountain before it's too late and mess up the meet up.

We get out of the catacombs and head toward the mountain. 

Exp: 3600 (I think.  It might be 4600)

Gold: 2080 / 4 = 520 each


  • False Life
  • Greater Restoration
  • Dispel Magic
  • Web
  • Inflict Wounds

Magic Weapons / Armor:

  • Magic Shield +1
  • Mace +1
  • Arrows +1 (qty. 10)
  • Short bow +1
  • Pendant of Grave Watch
  • Wooden Shield of Life

Miscellaneous items:

  • 50' Hemp rope
  • Harpers Wax seal and wax
  • Parchment
  • Vial of water (unidentified)
  • Vial of oil (unidentified)
The village people of Mount Hotenow - part 2
The band of misfit toys got to sing about working out

Before we lock ourselves into the office, we search the remainder of the house.  We finally sleep, not knowing where Bibi went.  In the morning, we search again without any trace of Bibi.  We do find a note by the cauldron, in scrawling lengthy script. 

BRB – J/K – BB 

Next to the note is a empty potion bottle for a fly spell.

It begins to dawn on us that Bibi has flown the coop.  Bibi took a long walk off a short pier.  Bibi has ditched us for a better gang.  

With out heads hanging low, we gather up our things and head out to examine the cemetery.  On the way, we hear a whistling and see what looks like a human walking towards us.  He notices us and stops whistling.  He bows deeply and introduces himself as Connor Shell Shord Shawnery.  He hails from the sword coast, where he dances with the stars and apprehends brigands and the like.  He has a thick accent and asks for 25% of the treasure for his acting services.   We tell him his acting isn't needed by us right now, but if he accepts an equal share of the treasure for being a Shell Shord, we can use him in our unlikely band.

Introductions all around, we congratulate ourselves and banter about a little job we were asked to do, find out where the zombies are coming from and put a stop to them.  We head to the temple and see a lichyard just beyond, with a 15’ high wall surrounding the yard.  We notice the lichyard is overgrown and unkempt.  We look through the gate and see  jumble of headstones and a tangle of bushes, burial crypts, headstones, and vines.  Above the gate is written:  "Welcome – not all who wander are alive". The mish mash of stones, brambles, roots, vines, blocks our view to less than 25 feet. This place is creepy in the day, we don't want to be here at night.

We look towards the gate and Eirwen attempts to unlock the gate without success.  The insufferable Connor opens the locked gate with one hand while diddling his mustache.  Connor strides in confidently, heading deeper into the overgrowth.  The daylight wanes a little and the air becomes still with anticipation.  We continue on and see the side of a mausoleum, covered in relief of a hunting party, pursuing what appears to be collared slaves.  Monocle grabs some vines, trying to climb to the top of the mausoleum but falls back to the ground.  The vines here are rotten and aged and smell sickly, like recent death.  Connor tries to climb up and cannot succeed in his acrobatic acting ability.  Lili throws a grappling hook up and climbs up to the top.  Lilis' view is obscured by the trees and vines tangled between them.

Connor walks around the crypt, heading to the ‘door’, which depicts a man with a coiled whip in his hand.   The sculpting looks worn with age, but the face looks more like it was damaged, and the weathering has aged the damaged areas equally with the rest of the stone.  The crypt looks undisturbed.   We leave it in peace.

We continue down the patch, and come upon a second crypt, which depicts women keeping house, doing domestic chores.  Upon closer look, there appears to be woman working over a cauldron that has hands floating in it. Another scene depicts a woman tanning a hide that looks like a human torso with tattoos.  The ‘door’ has a woman with a circlet on her head.  Like the first crypt, the face has been chiseled away.  The weathering indicates that the vandalism happened very long ago.  The crypts appear to be carved some long time ago, at least hundreds of years ago. 

We see boot prints heading off towards the center of the lichyard.  

Wesley knocks on the crypt door, and the light dims and the wind kicks up and blows leaves at the base of the door.   As the wind dissipates the light brightens and we wonder if that was a coincidence or if some spirit was awoken.   Lili pounded again on the slab and from within the crypt we heard a shrieking sound that chills us to our core.  We don't really want to wake the dead. Connor pounds on the slab, nothing else occurs so we head on. 

We come upon a third mausoleum carved with children playing games, but upon closer examination, the children are playing catch with a skull.  Another scene depicts the children torturing animals.  The “door” has a nursery scene and a girl standing over a crib, holding something in her hand, but whatever it is, that was chiseled away long ago.  Lili pushed on the slab, trying to open the crypt.   Once again, we’re unsuccessful so we move on.

We come upon clearing right behind the temple and see 4 figures.  2 humans are talking with subservience to one dressed in all black.  Or so we think it is dressed.  As we look closer, the voice it uses has a familiar stress to it and we recognize the telltale signs of a Wraith.  

True malice incarnate, a wraith is incorporeal and seeks to quench all life. The creature is suffused with negative energy, and its mere passage through the world leaves nearby plants blackened and withered.

The 4th figure is unknown to us, but frightens us at a distance. It is a translucent humanoid with a twisted face holding an evil scowl. Its eyes burn with a hellish red glow. 

Connor advances asking – "Who goes there?!"  The wraith says in a whispering voice, “come closer.”  Connor stands his ground and the battle begins.  “Kill them”, the wraith whispers, and the humans start to turn to attack. Connor dashes up behind the humans, taking one down and slashing the other one, dancing away from the melee.  

Eirwen shoots her bow at the wraith, causing less damage than she expected, her arrows cannot bite with their full effect on the incorporeal creature.   A last standing human points his finger at Connor and a bolt of radiant energy flys wildly, barely missing Connor.  Monocle calls down lightning into the group, killing the other human.   As the 4th creature moves towards us, Monocle recognizes it as a Darnoc,  Another 2 Darnocs come out of the grave yard, surrounding us.    The Darnoc closest to us mucks with our minds, making a few of us bicker uncontrollably with each other.

Wesley has a come to jesus moment, gets religion and shows his lawful neutrality.   Lili is starting to yell at Wesley and Eirwen starts yelling at Lili.  Lili hits the darnoc in front of him again, pulling out his undead liver and the Darnoc falls.  Lili insults everyone with childish abandon, but she focuses enough to attack another Darnoc, who she puts prone.   Wesley tries to dominate the prone Darnoc and tries to attack the other standing Darnoc.  

Connor commands the group (calm emotions) to pull themselves together.  The group calms and he looks sternly at them.

Eirwen draws her bow back after her head clears and takes a shot at the Darnoc but misses. 

The wraith calls upon the spirits of the netherworld and reanimates one of the dead humans into a a specter, which walks up to Connor to attack, but misses, instead peeing its pants with fear of the mighty bard.

Monocle calls lighting again, hitting the wraith in the distance.

The Darnocs become incorporeal, pooping their pants with strain.

The wraith raises the other human as a specter, and moves towards the temple wall.  

Lili hits the specter in front of him with his magic hands and feet, tickling the specter and making him groan.

Wesley points his finger at the wraith and two specters, bane befalls the wraith and a specter.

Connor attacks the specter who attacked him, releasing a blazing set of blows, slicing the specter with less damage than he expected. 

Erin shoots her bow at the Darnoc, piercing it as the arrow sails through the air.

The specters attack Connor, touching him in inappropriate locations.  

Monocle calls lightning a third time, striking the wraith again.

The Darnocs attack, one hitting Eirwen with critical accuracy. 

Wesley opens his mouth and Eirwen feels more pain.

The wraith moves to attack Lili, missing as he stumbles into range.

Lili attacks the Darnoc yet again, unleashing a fury of blows on his groin.  The magical damage finally taking it’s toll on the Darnoc.  Lili turns and hits the wraith, dashing away to the safety of Eirwens skirts.  

Wesley has Roger his familiar carry his shadow over to Connor, dropping Wesleys shadow onto Connor.  Connor feels the comfort of the shadow embrace him and smiles with a gleam in his eye.

As the Darnoc approaches, Eirwen drops her bow and slashes with her short sword. She disengages and sidles up to Monocle.  Power to the women.

Monocle calls the heavens down a 4th time, inflicting lighting damage again, this time on the Darnoc.

The wraith approaches Wesley and attacks. The wraith stumbles again, missing.

Lili flurries of snow attacks with a blizzard effect on the Darnoc in her face.  She disengages and attacks a specter.

Wesley sidles around, having a battle of the minds with the wraith.

Connor yells out to the Wraith, insulting viscously.  “You seem to be having difficulty landing a blow on the little man.”

Erin picks her bow up and shoots at the Darnoc, but misses.

The specters leave Lili behind, chasing the bad boy Connor, looking for love from the man himself. 

Monocles calls lighting down on the Darnoc

The Darnoc rushes Eirwen, hitting her for damage that stings to her core.

Lili rushes up the backside of the wraith, hitting the wraith upside the head, ringing the ears of those around her.

Wesley wonders why he ever felt like he was alone in the world.  He smiles at the wraith and comments that he needs better friends.

Connor struts his stuff, hitting the specter to his left as it vaporizes in a puff of ectoplasm.  Connor turns to the other specter, vaporizing the other one.  Connor then rushes the backside of the wraith alongside Lili.

Eirwen leans into the face of the last standing Darnoc, slicing and disengaging.  

The lighting from Monocle, hits the last standing Darnoc, which explodes in a vaporized cloud of goo.

Lili looks at the wraith and it falls over dead.

With the undead dead again, we loot the human bodies and find 50 GP and that each of them have a tattoo on the center of their chest.  It appears to be a hand erupting from the earth.  On one of the acolytes there is a map, the leads from the mountain to the village. 

730 Exp Each

10 GP Each.






Tower tower tower GOOSE!

Will update story later…

Xp = 450
gold = 0 (dreamland)
Cat toys = a fk load (dream land currency) 

Mount Hotenow reveals the secret - part 1
How the Misfits got their asses handed to them by some little girls

After a fitful night of crazy dreams, our little band of adventurers wakes, "rested" and ready to set off toward Mount Hotenow.  When talking with Reidoth, he sagely advices us that the mountain is about a day and a half away.  We boldy set off toward the mountain.  As we march and leave Thunder Tree behinds, we see our surroundings slowly come back to life, the insects are buzzing and there are birds on the wing.  Our steps become lighter and we make good time, hitting the foothills in the late afternoon.  We decide to find a camp spot for the night and when Bibi sends her raven aloft, she spots a small village not far off. While we are considering what to do, our spider senses are tripped and we ready for battle, for something is coming out of the tall grass and heading right towards us.

Monocle sighs with relief as her good friend Erwyn walks up. Monocle does introductions all around and we decide to move on to the village.  

We tramp over to the village, hoping for a good meal and restful beds before we tackle the mountain, which has loomed large in the distance all afternoon. 

Curious and cautious simultaneously, Bibi sends her raven aloft again to scout the village.  Remembering that the zombies are coming from the mountain, we are worried that the village might actually be overrun with zombies.  The raven doesn't see a soul and our hackles go up.

Where are all the villagers?  We sneak into the village, keeping a watchful eye out for any living, or unliving souls.  Lily catches a glimpse of a little girl running away from us, dashing around the corner of a building.

We follow, attempting to catch the girl and ask where are the people are, but she seemingly disappears.  We continue further into the town center, coming upon an opening where the buildings surround a well.  The girl appears again, giggling this time and running away.  We give chase and still we cannot find her.  As we progress, we come upon the local temple to Sylvanus, and a large manor with candles burning in the windows.

We make the assumption that the girl probably ran home to the manor, so we approach and look inside the windows.  The rooms are dark except for the candles, no one appears home.  We enter, and the place appears abandoned, but we hear another giggle.  We begin to explore the manor, and all the rooms are furnished, but otherwise empty.  The house is in reasonable condition, but whoever lived here seems long gone.  Someone put the candles in the windows, so who is here?

As we explore the rooms, it becomes evident that there is something going on here that we can't explain.  As we explore deeper near the rear of the house, we coe upon a room where the floor is not made of wood, but is made of damp earth.

There are 3 little girls in pink dresses, black shoes, and pigtails.  They are playing pattycake. They appear to be human, but their eyes are entirely black.  Each girl holds a rag doll and the girls turn as one and ask if we've come to play. Right as they turn and speak, the dolls turn their heads towards us also and all the doors in the house slam shut and the candles go out.  The girls drop the dolls and run up to us, attacking by grabbing us and pulling us toward the damp earth.  The dolls touch us with the cold of death and we are in for a fight that looks to be a total party kill unless we can do some serious crowd control.

The girls have the upper hand, and one grabs Bibi, pulling her into the ground.  While we're battling the girls and dolls, Wesley is facing his own battle, a clowder of feral undead cats attack led by a very unsightly undead rat.  Divided and out flanked, we struggle to survive.  

One by one, the dolls fall to the sharp eye of Erwyn.  Her bow is singing, and Erwyn single handedly takes out all the dolls.  The girls fall rather easily, but not before bringing Bibi completely undergound.

Finally, after what feels like an aeon, the Misfits regain the upper hand and slay all the undead.  We find ourselves in a room with a dirt floor and the last we saw of Bibi, she was being pulled underground.  We frantically dig, searching for her and after a few seconds, we come across a wrist of a little girl, but it doesn't have the undead pallor, so we reckon it must be Bibi.  We pull Bibi from the ground and revive her.

That was close.  Bibi nearly died.

We look around and discover 3 little beds in the room with the dirt floor.  It seems odd that the undead need to sleep, but after seeing a little girl who only weighs 45 pounds pull Bibi to her near death experience, I'm not entirely surprised.   

Under the bed we find a chest containing 1500 GP in gems, and a wand of the warcaster +1.  Wesley equips the wand and we divide the gems up into 5 equal piles.  We go to the office, and barricade ourselves in to take a long rest.

Gold 300 each

Exp 800


The waking horror of the past
And oh my dreams, it's never quite as it seems

Monocle and Lily find themselves standing in military formation, clothed in Cranberrie colored ill fitting garb, listening to a drab speech by what appears to be a town elder, Derst ReddeningDerst keeps stopping to scratch himself, then begins to ramble on again about the heroic deeds of Palien the Bold, recalling the days when heroes were heroes with dilated eyes, and had wenches on each arm.

As Derst drones on, he finally calls the now aged hero Palien to the stage to say a few words.  Palien begs off, murmuring quiet words of thanks, and the statue in his honor is finally revealed.  Gasps of admiration are heard from the women in the crowd, but the polite applause is disrupted as a horn is heard in the distance.

Recognizing the sound of the horn, Paliens eyes light up and pulls his sword from his belt.  His shoulders creak with disuse, but he sidles up to Ansal Bloodshoulder, the captain of the town guard and speaks directly to him. Ansal Bloodshoulder turns to his town guards, and orders us to line up in formation and prepare for battle.

What ensues next is hard to describe. Two dozen orcs race into the town square and attack the townspeople with incredible savagery. The town guard is out numbered, out flanked, and out skilled.  The guards drop like flies, and the captain yells for two of us to break ranks and race to the tower to summon the Wizard, Nikius for help.

Lily breaks free of the melee, and races to the tower while Monocle fends off the Orcs.  Lily gets to the tower only to find that it's unoccupied, and heads back to the town square.  Too late, Monocle has fallen and the Orcs have moved into the homes of the villagers. Lily upon arriving back in the town square, sees the fallen druid and she races over to administer first aid.  Lily thinks she's stabilized Monocle, and once again engages the Orcs directly.  Little does Lily know, but when she administers first aid on Monocle, she wakes up in a cold sweat in Thundertree, with the rest of her party sleeping nearby.

Monocle is trying to deduce what is happening, and looks over to see Lily dozing fitfully.  As time progresses, she feels more and more like it was a vivid dream.  Monocle goes to wake Lily just as Lily succumbs to the wrath of the Orcs.  Lily wakes with a start and wonders what the hell is happening.   The watch is changing, Wesley is about to start his stint.  It's still early, and we decide that we need to rest so we go back to sleep.

Monocle and Lily find themselves standing in military formation, clothed in now familiar scratchy ill fitting garb, once again listening to a drab speech by the town elder, Derst ReddeningDerst keeps stopping to scratch himself, picking at his backside, then continues to ramble on about the heroic deeds of Palien the Bold, recalling the days when heroes had wenches on each arm and dilated eyes from too much mead.

Lily, always a quick learner, breaks ranks and races to the tower to summon the Wizard Nikius for help. All Lily finds is a nightmare blocking the way, so she heads back to the town square, to try and warn the townsfolk that danger is approaching. 

Derst drones on, finally calling the now aged hero Palien to the stage to say a few words.  Palien climbs the stage and begs off, murmuring some small words of thanks.  The statue is revealed and giggles of admiration are heard from the women in the crowd.  The heady applause is disrupted as a horn is heard in the distance.

Recognizing the sound of the horn, Paliens eyes light up and pulls his sword from his belt.  His shoulders creak with disuse, but he calls to Ansal Bloodshoulder, in a loud clear voice, "Ready your soldiers, Orcs approach!" Ansal Bloodshoulder turns to his town guards, and orders us to line up in formation and prepare for battle.

We engage the Orcs, killing few.  Ansal Bloodshoulder seeing us outnumbered again, turns to Lily and Monocle and tells us to go back to the tower, maybe Nikius has returned and he can help!  We race to the tower and the nightmare is gone, but the tower is locked.  We successfully open the lock and head in.  I recognize the tower and realize that this is Thundertree, but sometime before the mountain exploded!  We decide to explore the tower and head downstairs to find a primordial who is chained to the wall.  Again, we feel that the need to do good is upon us and we release the face mask of the primordial who immediately psionically disrupts our neural pathways and we turn into lifeless sacks of protein, fat and water.

We both wake with a start with the party sleeping next to us.

We are seriously confused, and mentally exhausted. We try again to sleep.

We are in The Misfits Company HQ and Ryn is here.  He shushes us as he explains that we've been suffering nightmares because of Dendar the night serpent.  Gargoth and his followers imprisoned Dendar and we must defeat Dendar or all of the material plane is at stake.  It's too much to process and Monocle pinches herself to figure out what is real and what is a dream.  Damage in the plane of dreams does psychic damage to our material plane selves.  If our comrades fall in the plane of dreams, use your wisdom to understand that medicine is not needed.  We also have a lucidity skill that we can use one time to manipulate the plane of dreams.   Ryn bids us adieux and leaves us to a restful night. 

Exp 4000

Gold 0

Dopplegroup strikes again all through the Blight
Thunder Tree part deux

The adventure begins from a hard-won long rest after defeating many a "Jimmy supporter." Mind you, it didn't help that our favorite set of hands (necro-child Wesley) showed up in Jimmy's old robe. 

The party awakes with Lili sleeping a little longer than she should. Dreams of spears, kittens, killing things and chocolate all juxtapositioned into a nice nighttime story. The party awakes to a group who knocks thrice upon the door. (assuming this was the line gents, was 15mins late) "Open up, we know you killed Jimmy – you're to accompany us to see the dragon at once! Venomfang!" – The party discussed their options and Bibi – like the clever raven-lover she is decides to sneak out the back window. Adorning a tilt-proof disguise like one of their own men, she attempts to lead them away!

Jump forward 30 seconds – Lili wakes up! Way to go sleepyhead – the party was waiting for her to get her shit together so they could tackle the task at hand. Talk or fight?

Outside we hear: "This way, North – they went north!" Bibi, is that you trying to lead them away? Might work!

Inside: We decide to destroy the group. Swoosh – door opens. Mind confuzzled - what the hell? They look exactly like the guys we just killed. Is anyone else seeing this? Wtf? (DM, for realz?) – doesn't matter. Makeshift crappy wood spears fly accompanied by fists and feet. A rather familiar looking flaming sphere makes it's way to the battle field. By battlefield, envision 9 people inside a 600 square foot space hell-bent on murdering two women and a child (thanks David). Hands are thrown by Necro-boy, one misses – one that doesn't makes up for it by choking someone's face off (this is at least how I imagined it, it was awesome). Meanwhile, the battle continues – and we see one of the soldiers booking towards Rei doth's house. That's odd, the party thinks collectively.

The 3v10 fight ends with some basic injuries, and a very beat up Lili. Take a breath – nope. Knock on the door, do they answer? Yes they do. Lili opens the door. "Accompany to see Venomfang, we can do this the easy way or the hard way." Looks like another soldier / captain. Spear flies through the air stopping inches from the would-be captain's face as a familiar Raven tilts it's head. "Bibi, I hatecha," lili says, and slumps into a corner hurt and still tired (and spearless). 

The party then diliberates for far too long, long enough for one to make a raft if they wished, possibly two. We finally decide to move on to a smaller, safer looking building as they continue forward. 

Small? Check. On the way forward? Check. Safe? Big fk'n Lol there. 

Lili inspects a loom that she's convinced runs on love and compassion, thanks to Monocle's above average description of how a loom functions.

As they enter the house, into the fray, Bibi remains outside to keep watch. Good thing too. Inside the blight-ridden plants stirke again. Sphere appears, hands fly from both the monk and creepchild. The fight goes on and holy shit, they have two spears. The battle ensues, and as it looks like we might overcome them – a group of undead including a four armed skeleton join the fray. Doesn't end too ugly considering the blights fight the zombies fight the blights :). 

As the battle hits it's crescendo – El quadra zombie makes his way to a fallen Monocle (previously hit by some blights / ash zombies). With all four arms, he take four swings killing our favorite druid. Morbid faces fall over everyone's faces except for our DM, who let's monocle know it's his turn, oh wait – he's dead (this happens 2-3 times).

After the battle, we take a moment to breathe while Bibi decides to make an all-out plea to the Raven Queen to allow him to resurrect Monocle, just this once, and in return owe a favor. While he didn't get the power to necessarily act upon that, the Raven, In a cackling voice responds to Bibi's call, and takes flight. It flies towards the dragon's keep to get a closer look. Surprise shows as Rei doth sits comfortably drinking tea next to the dragon. "Where are your friends" he tells the Raven. Bibi let's us know what has transpired and we take off towards the Dragon keep – him carrying monocle and Lili / Necro-wonder following closely behind.

After a very "Rei-doth" like conversation, a few dragon puns, winging it, and the conversation really starting to Drag-on…we reach a compromise with Rei'doth (fkin star wars name or something, it's cool) – He will bring Monocle back if we can stop the blight or undead issue that plague the town of Thundertree. He will bring our other fallen party member back if we can do the other (undead / blight, whichever we haven't done previously). He also very openly lets us know once that is done we will together force the dragon out of the land, to restore the balance. Very awkwardly we scoot around agreeing to that one, in front of the dragon, 2 feet from it, where it can still hear, and see, and eat us.

- Three hard fought battles
- Two spears found
- One Raven Queen summoned
- Zero chance of David not killing someone else. 

EXP: 23,200 (Not really, it's 570xp)
GOLD: 50gp (it's really only 50gp)

Thunder Tree part one
Where the roots run deep

After a mosquito ridden night sleeping on the raft, we head down river for a few hours until we spot a deer taking a drink from a calm section of the river.  Monocle speaks with animals and asks the deer about Rei Doth, the druid who lives near these parts.  The quiet deer is helpful, indicating that a gentle friendly man that might be Rei Doth lives in the man place, so we continue downstream.  Near sunset on the second day of travel we smell smoke on the air, like a great bonfire or forest fire.  Our hackles are up and we cautiously move forward on the water to see if we are floating into a trap. We round a bend and can see a huge bonfire just onshore.

Undeterred, we land the raft 100 yards upstream and Lili and Monocle sneak into the woods to reconnoiter towards the burning fire.   We've split the party, leaving Bibi and Koozane to guard the body of Ryn.  At this distance, we can see that it's a single fire, not a wild fire, maybe a funeral pyre, or some sort of ritual.  The sun has set and we see an occasional figure pass between the fire and our vantage point.  It might be dancing, but we're not sure.

We stealthily draw closer,  until we can see that the there is a lone figure, circling the fire, chanting and throwing some material or components into the fire.   As we get closer, Lili crunches a twig and the lone figure halts and looks around. As he looks around, he appears to be a half-ling, that's a necromancer or warlock.  Lili charges in demanding to know what's going on! And comes up short when she sees a child of 8 years old, holding a severed hand.

He introduces himself as Wesley. He's a handsome lad, albeit possibly touched in the head. Lili questions him a little while Monocle face palms and wonders what is going on.  Is this little boy summoning demons?  What is this child doing out here in the wilderness all alone?  After a moments hesitation, we offer to take Wesley with us. Wesley bade us wait one moment while he goes around the fire and severs another hand from a corpse all dressed in black.  

Stranger and stranger.

We get back to the raft and tell Koozane and Bibi all about Wesley and continue downstream overnight, the four members of the company taking turns staying awake, keeping an eye on Wesley.

The next morning, we see a giant bird in the sky and hear a screeching unlike any birds we know. As we round another bend, Monocle hears a whisper in her ear, "That's the tower of Thunder Tree".  When Monocle looks around, Wesley is back on the other side of the raft. Creep-ee.

We drift lazily down stream, and see the ruins of the old docks for the town of Thunder Tree.  We lash the raft to the stumps of the dilapidated pier, leaving Koozane to guard the body of our fallen comrade and head into the abandoned town.  The wood buildings are decayed, the wooden walls mostly fallen in, but the roofs on the stone buildings are sturdy enough to keep out the rain and insects so we might be able to fortify a building and rest if needed. Except that we notice there are NO insects. There isn't any wildlife of any kind here. It's eerily quiet without the background noise of mother nature to keep us company.  We come upon a stone building that appears to be in good shape and we knock on the door, thinking this might be the dwelling of Rei Doth.  Finally!  Monocle will get to meet another Druid that may be able to train her in deeper knowledge of the natural order.

The door opens and a wizened old man appears before us. He introduces himself as Rei Doth, and he tells us of the history of the town, the mountain exploding, the people abandoning the town. How the Ash Zombies came down off the mountain to inhabit the town, how the Green Dragon took up residence in the tower and if we can get the dragon to abandon the tower, he will resurrect our fallen company member.  His knowledge of Venom Fang, the green dragon is limited, but he does know that it's a young adult dragon that has been here only a short time, about 6 months.  He also tells us of some men living in a building in the southeast corner of the village.  We decide to investigate the men and head that way, taking a shortcut between an collapsing house and larger stone building.  As we get between the buildings, the ground erupts and several twig blights attack us.  We quickly lay waste to the little beasts, and move into the next building only to disturb 3 sleeping Ash Zombies who have Monocle and Lili pinned inside.  It is quickly discovered that when the Ash Zombies are struck in melee, they eject a pestilent that causes our eyes to water and vision to blur (disadvantage on attack).  Each new attack we make causes us to wipe our eyes and stumble when attacking.

We lay the Ash Zombies down for their final naps and head over to the most southeasterly building, where Bibi transforms into a splitting image of Rei Doth, and heartily knocks on the door.  A man dressed all in black opens the door and Bibi, sounding like Rei Doth, welcomes him heartily to town.  The man in black grumbles, "thanks, I gave at the office" and tries to close the door, but Bibi shoves her foot inside, keeping the door ajar enough to let projectiles fly.

An arrow comes out, a flaming sphere goes in. Another arrow comes out and some caltrops go in.  Soon enough, the door is swung wide and out pours a dozen or more men in black.  One yells, "There he is, the one who killed Jimky!" and beings hyper gesticulating at Wesley, nearly wetting himself in fury.  Wesley throws a severed hand at the man and he faints dead way.

The battle is in full swing now, the men taking wild shots at the company, the company deftly avoiding total collapse.  

In the end, we slay all the humans, who appear to be a splinter group of a dragon cult.  We discover that the house they inhabit is solid, and as we are examining it, we find 3 diamonds worth 300GP and a potion of Flying.  Bibi almost soils herself, she wants to fly so badly, she keeps the potion, holding it like a precious gem.  The searching complete, we hear an earth shattering roar and look up to see…


520 Exp each

75 GP each

Two parts of the three part harmony of Oooze and Ahhhs
AKA the Mysterious Tower of Oooze

The company, drifting down river on it's way back to Neverwinter from Everforge, stumbles upon a ruined tower and spends a few hours exploring.  While the ground floor is empty of monsters, enough gold is found to entice exploration deeper into the tower.  Soon, the stalwart party stumbles upon what can only be described as a spawn point for many different kinds of oozes.  The party battles courageously, exhausting their resources and finally must stop for a rest.  

As the party is holed up on in the deepest level of the tower, they are attacked repeatedly, where both their resolve and morale is tested.  The party feels that they've nearly won when the battle suddenly turns, and an Ooze attacks from above taking Ryn the Cleric down.  Howls of anger from the Lili the Monk are heard across the fray and she also falls.  Koozane, exhausted and fighting to stay upright valiantly throws Firebolt after Firebolt into the fracas, but the oozes just keep coming, and sadly, the mighty wizard succumbs to the onslaught.  Within moments, the odds are looking grim and Monocle the Druid struggles with indecision on what to do – should she indiscriminately blast the oozes or surgically attack them in order to save her fallen compatriots?

Her mind clears and with the luck of natural order on her side, Monocle turns the tide back in the parties favor.  Bibi the Warlock makes some mad dashes, and takes out a large ooze which results in a terrible burst of organic offal. Monocle uses a Flaming Sphere and repeated Thunder Waves to finally put the last of the oozes to rest.

With the battle over, all we hear is our own heavy breathing and we look around, taking stock of the aftermath. We're on the deepest level at the furthest corner of the tower and we are totally spent.  We need a rest to heal and recover. Worst of all, we are down three of our party!  We quickly stabilize Koozane, the lizard wizard – but he remains cool to the touch even after being healed. Lili also bounces back to her feet after a healing touch by the druid. And although Bibi rushes to Ryn the Cleric, she discovers that we were only moments too late, a quick recovery for Ryn is made impossible by the viciousness of the ooze, and we must find a temple or a caster to cast a resurrection spell.  

As is typical with the Misfits, we didn't figure out that we'd bitten off more than we could chew until it was much too late. With this valuable insight, we make the fast decision to get the hell out of the tower in the most efficient way possible. Bibi uses her raven to scope and scout the route back to the surface and as we make our way back to the surface, Monocle recalls that a druid named Rei Doth lives near Rob Zombies place, which is on the way back to Neverwinter.  Monocle suggest we stop and visit with the druid, for he may be able help us with our Clerical issues.  We get on the raft and head out with Bibi rolling on down the river.

Gold : -0-

Exp : 1280 per player


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