The Misfit company

Don't look in the Mirror, you may not like what you see

Ungrateful decendants can cause all kinds of mischief

The young mage Tristan Harpell is the "heir" to a suite of rooms in Ivy mansion, the ancestral home of the Harpell dynasty.  Tristan is to inherit the rooms from his favourite uncle, Sigfried Harpell.  Sigfried had a penchant for practical jokes, and a taste for traps to entangle anyone snooping around his rooms.

Uncle Sigfried hasn't been seen for months, and Tristan has decided it's time to claim his inheritance.  Having heard of the Misfit Company's heroic deeds, Tristan decides to employ the company to clear the wing of all manner of trouble so he may begin a remodeling process.   We get the request for help from Tristan from a talking mug, and Tristan directs us to speak to his personal assistant at Ivy Manor for further instructions.  Tristan has warned us that the rooms are full of whatever his uncle left behind.  Tristan offers us anything we find as treasure on top of a per diem to cover our expenses. 

We have heard of the Harpells, they are known in Neverwinter as very good wizards, and going up against an aged and wizened wizard such as Sigfried Harpell could be problematic for the Misfit Company, but when has  a warning of certain doom ever stopped us?

The Harpells have a large estate and manor located in the moors two days ride west of Neverwinter.  The company, always in a hurry to do a job half assed, teleports to the ley lines on the estate and we meet Clatter, a suit of animated armor that is the personal assistant to Tristan.   In interviewing Clatter, we learn that he's as clueless as we are about what traps the rooms will hold, but he does proffer us a map, with room titles hastily scribbled in.  Clatter gives us a key ring and thus we begin the process of exploring the rooms.

The rooms are logically arranged and as we explore them, we find that the floor plan Tristan envisions is highly illogical.  In the existing library, several books are missing from the astronomy category.  A journal on a desk contains corrections to astronomical measurements.  A workshop contains constructs. A bedroom contains a mirror that contains a trap that emits a mirror image of anyone who looks into it, and the mirror image attacks immediately.  We discover a were-rat and a fey spider, creatures that do not appear to be squatting, but were put here on purpose, to protect the privacy of Sigfried. There is no indication of a struggle to suggest Sigfried was removed by force, or that he was doing any experiments that could have endangered him.  He's just vanished.  The food in the pantry appears to have all gone bad, like he just disappeared.  

After we kill the fey spider in the observatory we find a telescope that lets us view what ever it's pointed at in great detail. As we swing the telescope around, we see an ogremage down in the vault and lock the door, effectively saving our own skins.  We point the telescope at the moon and see what appears to be an old man sitting in a chair reading a newspaper.  Monocle reads aloud a description on the floor in front of the telescope and is suddenly transported to where the old man was located.   Monocle on the moon begins to suffocate while the old man (Sigfried) tries to understand what happened to bring him back to the observatory.

Koozane saves the day by convincing Sigfried to put the ogremage on the moon and to bring Monocle back from the moon in short order.

We tell Sigfried of Tristans intention to remodel the rooms and he shoos us out, saying he's not dead yet.  We never did get paid by Tristan, but what did we expect from a young entitled mage.



Nice! He didn’t pay you? Didn’t you get the figurine of wondrous power (silver raven) and money?


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