The Misfit company

Hanging out with the in-crowd

The gang goes clubbing

When his usual help mysteriously vanishes on the day of a big show, Bryan Seacoast hires a pair of future Misfit Company members to take their place. Almost immediately, unsavory-types try to relieve them of the responsibility, the key Seacoast gave them, and their lives!

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang heads to the Quicksilver Club to see what the followers of Wand Direction have planned their that night. Meeting up with Seacoast's hires, the team plans for trouble during the show, and when the lights go out and Panfire vanishes from the stage, our heroes leap into action.

Fangirls and groupies hiding in the crowds on the packed dance floor are the least of our party's troubles, however, as stage moms appear in the alley. Wand Erection escapes, a stage mom is killed, and the gang is rewarded by a shadowy group known as The Shareholders, who promise the Misfit Company more work down the road.



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