The Misfit company

The sound of silence

The gang tries not killing everything

Our party learns of a remote monastery/observatory, home of a holy order renowned for their ability to foresee the future, but which has not been heard from in some time. Upon arriving at the observatory and exploring the interior, the group discovers an antechamber with magical coat-racks, a scriptorium, and an enchanted telescope shooting a cone of silence. After further exploration (and combat!) the party learns that the order's prophecies had not been their own, but those of a seer held hostage. When the seer fell ill, she transformed into a banshee, but was kept at bay by modifications to the telescope. After repairing the telescope and locating the banshee, the team decides to let her loose rather than kill her. Freed, she destroys the remnants of her captors and departs, leaving the observatory to the party.



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