The Misfit company

Misfit Company: Assemble!

The gang gets together for the first time

A summary:

Having each made their way to Neverwinter, the party assembles for the first time. In search of work, they learn of an aristocrat's stolen artifact and his reward for its return. After checking with the thieves guild for any information that might help, our heroes make their way to the old docks where they find the dirty rat behind the theft. Bolok deals with him swiftly, but soon the others are face-to-face with the rat pack. After fighting them off, the gang seeks its reward, delivering the culprit's head on a silver platter.

In an effort to secure the waterfront locale as a base of operations, the party heads to the hall of records, where they are ultimately thwarted in their efforts to determine the property's legal status by the most heinous enemy of all: +1 bureaucratic red tape.

Undeterred, the newly-minted Misfit Company decides to make the abandoned harbor building their own.



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